Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Digitrax TL1

This is a really simple one function output decoder. It's really cheap and small, perfect to install in those cars where you want interior lighting.

I only miss the possibility to set up the output intensity like Uhlenbrock decoders, but on the other hand you can set up special effects (strobe, blinking, ...) and the frequency for that effects.

It has also transponding possibilities, but only if you use Digitrax stations. I deactivated it since I'm using Uhlenbrock Intellibox.

These are its main characteristics and configuration possibilities:
  • Single 125mA (250mA peak) function output for lights or other functions
  • Function can be turned on/off using F0, F1, F2, F3, or F4
  • Supports both 2 digit and 4 digit addressing
  • Programmable from DCC compatible equipment
  • Configurable Strobe feature lets you simulate flashing lights like FRED, Strobes, Mars Lights, etc.
  • Compatible with Digitrax DCC Transponding Systems
  • Approximate size: 0.461” x 0.31” x 0.161” (11.7mm x 7.8mm x 4.1mm)

TABLE I:  Function# for TL1's function output 
Function # CV61 CV64 CV61 CV64 
F1  02 00 00 00  
F2  02 01 00 01 
F3  02 02 00 02 
F4  02 03 00 03 
F0    03  00 01 00 

TABLE II:  CV49 Values for Configurable Strobe Effect Selection 
00 Normal on/off 
01 Simulated FRED 
02 Simulated Mars 
03 Slow Strobe 
04 Single Pulse 
05 Double Pulse 
06 Medium Pulse 
07 Mostly on blinking off

TABLE III:  CV62 Values for Setting Effect Rate 
00 (Slowest) to 07 (Fastest)

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