Monday, September 19, 2011

Recording your layout

I wanted to record videos in first person of my trains running through the layout, and I read in "Escala N" forum about some cheap lighter-spy-cams. You can find in ebay this lighter spy cam for 14€ (including VAT and shipping in Spain). It's small enough (exactly as a real lighter) to fix it on a low profile car and it records in its own micro-sd and has its own battery. After, just plug it in the USB and extract the video (720x480 with voice) as from a memory stick:

This is the first test. The image is not good because it has been compressed for youtube and there wasn't enough ambient light, but still the result is surprising. Hope you like it!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tips for connectors and feeders

Yesterday I bought a bounch of cheap connectors to extend the dcc loop and feed the new tracks. I want to make sure that every single section of track has it's own feeder, at least in the hidden part of the layout, to avoid future problems. That's why I'm installing a lot of feeders.

I have some hidden tracks that will have difficult access when I cover them with the 0 level and it will be difficult to use a screwdriver if I need to replace or disconnect a wire.

That's why I bought this plugable connectors. They are a good and cheap solution to connect the feeders to the main loop and you can always disconnect it and screw/unscrew easily.
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