Rolling Stock

Here you will find my current rolling stock with a link for each one to a page explaining the history of the real model (mainly links to wikipedia). Just click the name of the train, in first place.

If you click on the model name it will get you to the builder web page for the model, where you can download spare parts catalogue or similar (mainly with Kato, others don't have a web page with a lot of info).

And finally, I added a link to the post where I explain how I digitalize or convert to DCC the model, if I already did it.

JNR Japanese National Railways

日本国有鉄道 Nihon Kokuyū Tetsudō

485-1000 Series

583 Series

Shinkansen 新幹線

Super Express

0系 2000番台 Tokaido Shinkansen 50th Anniversay 
Kato 10-1132
Lights and motor car DCC digitalization






Electric Multiple Units (EMU) 

急行 Express (kyukô) - 特急 Limited Express (Tokyû)

Electric Multiple Units (EMU) 

普通 Local - 快速 Rapid

E259 N'EX Narita Express
Kato 10-847
DCC digitalization
JR-West 223-2000 Series Sinkaisoku
Kato 10-538
DCC digitalization
Wakayama Electric Railway Series 2270 Tama Train
Motorization and DCC conversion
Wakayama Electric Railway Series 2270 Ichigo Train
Motorization and DCC conversion
Type 1000 Neon Genesis Evangelion
455 Series Green Liner
Kato 10-073
701-0 Series Akita
Miroace A4910
789 Series Super Hakucho
Microace A0840
Series 167 Tamachi-Accommo Custom Type
Kato 10-908
DCC Digitalizarion (cab and motor car)
Series 205-3100 Senseki Line
Kato 10-257
Series E721-0
Microace A7490
富士急行 2000系 フジサン特急
Kato 10-238

Diesel Multiple Units (DMU)

South Hokkaido Railway Diesel Train
TOMIX 98022


C57-1 (Imperial version) Steam Locomotive 4-6-2
MicroAce A9908
The Imperial Train (New Style) 5-car set
MicroAce A4710

D51-498 Orient Express'88 Type
Kato 2006-3
Nostalgie Istanbul ORIENT EXPRESS 88
Kato 10-561
SL Train D51 - 4 Cars Set
Kato 10-830
SUHA44 Series "Tsubame"
Kato 10-534
C62-42 "Hato"
MicroAce A9804
C50 〈KATO Nゲージ50周年記念製品〉
Kato 2027
オハ32000形 4両セット(特別企画品)
Kato 10-1344

Joyful Trains

Electric Freight

Tomix 2101

Tomix 92214

Tomix 2147

Diesel Freight

Non Japanese


Tomix Cleanning Car

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