Sunday, April 29, 2018

Martotren 2018 Train fair

We had the honor to participate in this year train fair organized by AFM (Amics del Ferrocarril de Martorell) and FCAF (Federació Catalana d'Amics del Ferrocarril), held in Martorell during the weekend on 28th and 29th of April.

We mounted our current layout during Friday afternoon, it took just a few hours to have the 16 meters long layout running:

Leveling control of the layout....

They had to bring some birds of prey to chase pigeons away
This time we tried an idea to put trains on rail easily, which consists in a T shapped module in the main track that allows to add several modules used to prepare trains and take them out.

We had the pleasure to ride long trains, I specially liked very much Train Suite Shikishima (from Kato) and Series 500 7000 "Type EVA" (from Tomix). It's not strange that these two train won this year the best trains price from the Japanese fans and media.

Other trains running in our layout:

There were also huge layouts from friend clubs in almost all scales and different countries (France and Portugal also came), including LGB and an amazing Lego layout. There were also many stands, shops and second hand market.

Thanks from Club N Caldes to all visitors, clubs, colleagues, organizers and public bodies to let us have so much fun!!!

Finally, some videos. You can find more in the playlists of ClubNCaldes in Youtube: