Sunday, April 3, 2022

Kato 10-530 + 10-531 151系「こだま・つばめ」DCC Conversion

I recently bought this model, but I think it was originally released in 2010. It's a DCC Friendly model, so DCC Conversion is straight forward.

About interior lighting kits I recommend Kato 11-214. These ones are warm white, not so white as Kato 11-212. I tried also 11-212, but I changed all to 11-214.

Cab and end car decoder fits very well, easier and smoother that other models:

About motor decoder, make sure you use Kapton tape to isolate it. I burned more that one because the body is metallic, and if the decoder gets in contact with the metallic part it instantaneously burns. So now I always do it doesn't matter the train model:

I must say I'm a little bit disappointed with this model. First reason is that windows detach on their own, so open the car upside down and keep the hull in this position to insert the methacrylate piece of the lighting kit and to close it.

Second thing is that top front and rear bogies derails in any curve. Seems like they don't pivot easily, so I had to pivot them several times with my fingers until they were able to turn smoothly.

Finally, it runs well and with 12 illuminated cars it looks impressive: