Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Servos and Servo mount

In the same way I decided not to use any more digital modules from Uhlenbrock (I found better and cheaper do-it-yourself ones), I also decided to find a cheap and better solutions for servos.

I bought a bounch of 6 servo to Chine via ebay: 6 Tower Pro 9G for 16$ including shipping. But I needed also servo holders to fix servos under the desk in a firmly way and without glue to change them easily if necessary. After some time sufing ebay and the web in general, I bought the following 10 servo mounts in Hobby King for a total ammount of 25$:

These servo mount are stronger than the two L shaped tiny squares delivered with Uhlenbrock servos:

It comes with two allen screws, and holes of the servo mount are also screwed so servo is attached really well. Uhlenbrock screws must be screwed to the servo because square holes are not screwed and that kind of fixing to the plastic is weak.

That's my cheaper and best solution found, hope you like it!!!
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