Saturday, September 15, 2012

STAP with Battledroid finished

S.T.A.P. with Battledroid is finished. Chipping technique in STAP looks really good, maybe better than the chipping technique used in Battledroid.

I used Vallejo Model-Air color for airbrush, and I have to admit these paints are great. No need to dilute, great application and adhesion, and metallic colors are just awesome!!!

I did some washes with acrylic black paint diluted in airbrush cleaner. I use the acrylic paint that comes in tubes, like oils, for washes. Texture is very similar to oils and it has a really weathered finish.

I also did some drybrush, mostly in dark grey parts of the STAP with aluminium color. Engines' noozles (reactors) where filled with magenta ink (from citadel) and drybrushed with metallic color. It has a red shiny finish with which I'm really satisfied.

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