Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two steps ahead, one back

It's been a long time since last time I showed my layout progress, but once you start with electronics, DCC, software programming and all electrical stuff you cannot see any real advance on the surface. Just one or two more switches and some centimeters more of track.

But down the layout it was crowded of electronic boards and temporary wires. So crowded, that I decided to dismount everything and think in better solution because I was running out of space, and illumination and future sound are still missing.

Sometimes you have to make a step back to be able to continue advancing with a bit more of security...

That's why I planned to create an hydraulic hatch down the most overcrowded part of the layout: the main station. There I have concentrated the major part of current sensors, servo driving modules, frog polarization relay boards.... and working upside down is too stressing!!!!

Here you can see the whole hatch and the hydraulic pistons that support it and open it in a very smooth way and with a cool sound effect, just missing some fog effects!!!! xDDD


Just some details about boards: on the bottom the Loconet interface (using DB9 connectors instead of RJ12), and on the top (left to right) the detection module and a sandwich board with servo controller and frog feeding relays:

 There are still many temporary wires, because I like to test everything step by step, or you can get crazy if some error appears when everything is connected.

Before the hatch, all boards where attached to the sides of the ribs: 

I hope to post soon the final results!!
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