Thursday, July 25, 2013

Star Wars Y-Wing - Lighting

I started a new Star Wars model: Y-Wing

It's from a bunch of Star Wars plastic kits I found on Ebay at a very good price. I like to practice painting and led installing with that little kits, that's why I'm posting more about Star Wars plastic kits than trains. But I promise I'll be back to trains soon.

I've installed a red led in each motor. I cut a piece of from the plastic frame that supports pieces and used it to glue the led exactly in the middle of the motor, facing to the outside.

Resistors were bought also on eBay. I found a Chinese "Sample Book" with thousands of SMD resistors. That's the test of the motors:

And the white led installed in the cockpit:

And this is the final montage of wires. I drilled a hole next where the stand will be fixed for the supply wires and centralized all cables there. Is needed just to sand a little bit the borders of the frame to pass the wires and the hull closes perfectly: 

Now it's ready to paint!!!

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