Saturday, August 3, 2013

Star Wars B-Wing: Lighting

Another Star Wars model: B-Wing

It's from a MPC/ERTL triple kit released in 1992 and including also a TIE Interceptor (already done) and an X-Wing. It's a "snap" kit, quite well detailed taking into account how small is it, but with a poor quality of molds. All pieces need to be sanded and adjusted. First I started painting the tiny pilot and cockpit.

I used acrylic paints (from Acrilicos Vallejo). Interior parts have been airbrushed with dark gray and dry-brushed with Metallic Steal.

This model is so small that regular leds don't fit inside. But I bought a 300 leds set of different colours in eBay and flexible circuit board strips to mount them that are small enough to fit anywhere. Those led encapsulation is 0603, that means they are only 1,6 x 0,9 x 0,4 mm, but soldering is easier that expected.

But light is really awesome. I still don't understand how something so small can make so strong light. I put a sunny light led facing to the pilot to illuminate all the cockpit.

In the engines air intake I installed a super-warm white led.

Here you can see how versatile are the circuit board strips. You can bend them keeping the form, and it's easy to solder led, smd resistor and wires to it.

Here you can appreciate how tiny is the led used in the cockpit:

Some final lighting tests before masking and start painting:

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