Thursday, December 19, 2013

Station Announcer running in a protoboard

I'm still waiting my Arduino UNO to arrive, but meanwhile I did some successful tests with a NANO.

If you followed my previous posts, I tested an MP3 shield for Arduino communicating via hardware serial:

And later, I ran a Loconet serial monitor also on Arduino to intercept the Loconet bus messages:

Now I joined both experiments and changed a bit the source code to play a different MP3 file assigned to each activated output. Each time an output is activated, I play the same MP3 file number. The speaker you see has been taken from an old computer:

I activate the output through Intellibox keyboard, but it also works activating an output from the computer.

Now I have to wait the Arduino UNO and the numpad, and make a clean source code. The goal is to activate a sound typing the sound number in the numpad or via Loconet assigning a digital output to each file.

I hope to post the final result soon!!!

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