Friday, May 2, 2014

Hobby Center Kato Tokyo

Sorry for my delay writing new posts.... but I was in Japan!!!!  ;))

It's been an exciting and unforgettable trip, with all my family: fathers (first long trip), my sister and her husband, my little and pretty niece (just 18 months old), and my girlfriend.

But I took time for my hobby, and visited the recently reopened Kato Hobby Center and bought a lot of hobby stuff. Kato has built a new building in its old location, two floors full of layouts and hundreds of shelves with all their current and old models and any spare part you could need.
When I went there, just the 1:1 scale train of the front was covered and under renewal works.

This is the main layout in the entrance:

And the views from the stairs of the second floor:

And finally that's the huge layout of the second floor:

Now I don't remember all the stuff I bought there, but I got crazy taking scale people (workers, railway stuff, people in matsuri, ...), cars, buses, a container lifter, some old house models I was not able to find in other places and, of course, trains. I bought the N'EX, a stream D51 Hokkaido version, and some cheap EMUs from a discounted price section.

A must see spot if you go to Tokyo.

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