Thursday, August 28, 2014

My layout plans

Hello, I would like to share my layout plans. They changed a little bit during the process of construction, not much, but I simplified some parts for a cleaner and more practical sketch. I removed one of the tracks of the main station and simplified a lot the internal part of the second and main level. Third level has very narrow curves, so I had to sacrifice the double track and go back again to a single track route. On the other hand, I added a dead track on the right of the main station.

Let's start with the zero level, mainly hidden and with a feedle yard, with no changes:

This is the most visible part of the layout, with a main station, two tracks for container platforms with a crane in the right part of the station, an industrial area (on top of container area) and a rural goods platform at the end of the internal track:

And the top and third level of the layout, accessing a small station to access the shrine and bath houses:

This is the complete layout, planning where to put the electronic devices, boards and controllers:

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