Tuesday, August 16, 2016

1:32 Handcrafted train models

I had the pleasure not too long ago to know Jose Manuel León. He is an artisan who makes his own RENFE 1:32 models. But not only makes scaled and operational locomotives, he is also developing a modular norm to build 1:32 scale modular layouts and assists to train fairs showing his incredible work.

He was one of the modular layouts that I wanted to present in the train fair in Logroño, but unfortunately I had to left the project of the train fair. It's really a pity because never more will be the chance of having a more incredible (and free!!) place to hold it, including expositor expenses and module transportation also for free, but if who has to be more interested in it is not into it....obviously the biggest efforts and the best chances are not enough for the success. But this is another long story I'll pass by.

Going back to Jose Manuel, he has a must see blog called  "Creaciones Ferroviarias" with all the step-by-step instructions to build fantastic models like these:

Over rails excavator

You can see also this video in his youtube channel showing the process to build a RENFE 252:

You can see in this video he can lift the pantograph, open doors, manage lighting, ... everything controlled with an Arduino.

I hope to meet Jose Manuel in person in the next train fair. And if you want to acquire any of this 1:32 models or order any special design, you can contact Jose Manuel at his mail leonfelino81@gmail.com or phone: 687415413

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