Monday, August 16, 2021

Kato 10-1644 E261 Saphir Odoriko DCC Conversion

This model is "DCC friendly" as written in the instruction manual, but you will find that head and tail cars have no under hatch to put the usual FL12 decoder (or I couldn't find it!). Instead, you have to open and disassemble the seats plastic piece:

I had to remove two cooper strips acting as springs to insert the decoder, and then put them again in place. Be patient, these springs are not easy to put again in place keeping the decoder and the long cooper strips in place. So it's a little bit tricky and seems not secure, but after putting the sits and closing everything everything works well so far.

About lighting, every car has its own light panel so will not need the plastic panels that comes with kato lighting kits:

Motor car is like any other DCC Friendly model:

It's nice that every car has a special light panel or diffuser, and the decoration of each car is also exquisite. The big windows allow to see perfectly and enjoy the interiors.


I hope you enjoyed it and that you find the way to install the cab and end car decoders easier than me!!

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