Friday, June 17, 2011

Structure completed!!!!

After an insane work, I completed the whole structure. Still remains the third module, but it's just for the future because now I have enough work to complete this 2,60x1mt model ;)

I had some trouble because plans were printed something like a 5% bigger than 1:1 scale. I haven't found the error, something wrong with the printer I guess, but the following ribs' plans were printed in the right size (and that's the really important thing!).

I also prepared the base for the hidden stage yard and I've start laying tracks and connecting. I'm doing some tests with Uhlenbrock feedback modules, Intellibox and Rocrail. I'm getting really satisfied with it by the moment... In later posts I'll show how I'm planning the electrification.

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These are the materials and technique used:

* Ribs and frame: Phenolic plywood 1 cm.
* Track bed: Phenolic plywood 0,5 cm.
* Legs: 6x6 cm pine strips

Frame and ribs where fixed with cyanoacrylate glue (bought from Würth here) and the intersection between ribs with a special water resistant white glue for wood (E+D3 glue). This kit has an spray to activate the cyanoacrylate and fix it IMMEDIATELY!!! I'm not kidding, it glues immediately with your fingers, your shirt, tools, everything in contact will be fixed. So I suggest to buy the full kit or you will miss the cyanocrylate remover.... Don't put cyanoacrylate in one side and the activator in the other or as soon the two pieces get in touch it will not be possible to separate. Put cyanoacrylate just in one, joint the pieces (you have 5 minutes to adjust) and once they are well situated, slightly spray the joint. I also screwed the union between ribs and external frame. And again I suggest you to use the Würth "ASSY PLUS" screws with a special drilling end that will not break the wood and you don't need to drill before screw, and half thread to push one piece to the other instead of separate them as it happens with normal screws.


  1. muy buen trabajo!

  2. Una corrección a lo aquí escrito: la base de las vias es mejor hacerla también con madera de 1cm. 5 milímetros queda demasiado "endeble" a menos que las costillas estén bastante juntas (20cm o menos).