Sunday, June 19, 2011

Electrical Tip: loop and feeders

That's the cheaper and best way I found to connect the tracks to the DCC current:

* Create a loop with the main wires from the station arround the layout. In my case, I use 1,5mm gauge for this main loop.

* If you use flex track connect each one to the main loop with a feeder (0.75 mm gauge seems to work well), otherwise put a feeder at least in each meter of tracks. There is no problem with an excess of feeders, it's better than having isolated sections because of bad contacts.


And that's what I build to connect feeders to the loop. You only have to buy a sheet of baquelite with continous tracks and solder these terminals. Screw this in each point of the loop where you need to connect feeders. In the market you can find terminals as long as you need, but also can join some of them to make a feeder with so many outputs as you need.


This also allows you to isolate wires, tracks or sections in case you are searching the reason for a failure because makes it very easy to disconnect wires or place the tester directly in the metallic screws of each wire.

And for organizing wires, those auto adhesive clips are marevelous!! I also use adhesive bridle bases, this will be shown in other post.

See you soon!
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