Saturday, November 5, 2011

JR Series 181 Shioji

That's the only translated information found about Shioji (from NewHallStation):

The prototype series 181, nicknamed "Kodama (Echo) type" or "Bonnet Express", was made as a powered-up version of the earlier modern express trains, series 151 and 161. The Series 181 was first operated as "Kodama" on Tokaido Mainline. But when the Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train wider-track line was laid in 1964 alongside the conventional line, making the conventional express obsolete there, the conventional line 181 express train started its second life as the express "Shioji (Strand)" and "Hato (Pigeon)" on the conventional Sanyo Mainline in Western Japan; where no Shinkansen line was yet laid. The express train with a pilot car Kuroha, equipped with a luxury compartment following the cabin, attracted many fans with its elegance.

And these are the only original photos I found (source: 休憩室):

And the model I have is from Kato:

JR Express Series 181 "Shioji" "Hato" - 7 Cars Set - Kato 10-352
Seven (7) cars set (Limited Edition)
Excellent quality and performance
Wonderful craftsmanship with realistic details
Working head and tail lights (Car 1 & Car 7)
Lights change in direction of travel
Illuminated head mark - Car 1 & Car 7
With four (4) pantographs
Car 1: Type KUROHA 181 Coach
Car 2: Type MORO 181 Coach
Car 3: Type MORO 180 Coach
Car 4: Type SASI 181 Coach
Car 5: Type MOHA 180 Coach
Car 6: Type MOHA 181 Coach (powered - motor)
Car 7: Type KUHA 181 Coach

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