Sunday, November 20, 2011

Servo installation

I've been installing servos in the firsts switches of the main level. I'm using an Uhlenbrock servo decoder with relays (to feed frogs). Servos (also from Uhlenbrock) are not the best by far, but they come with two different supports (aluminium angles), 3 different bars and mounting screws.

Decoder is not LOCONET compatible. It is wired to the DCC loop but it's also connected to an independent power supply to avoid the typical servo initial movement if you have to cut the power from the central station to the tracks in case of derailment or short circuit.

4 different positions can be programmed for each servo and assigned to a different red or green key. Also speed and bouncing effect (for barriers) is configurable. Decoder can be configured from the station (in CV program) or directly pressing a button in the decoder.

That's the first test, the movement can be really realistic:


  1. Very interesting! Is that a Minitrix switch in the video or another brand?

    Someday I hope to adapt servos and replace the Minitrix solenoid motors, but how to connect the wire from the servo to the switch is a question I wonder about.

    Thank you (sorry for the english!)

  2. Hi Jerry! Thanks for your comment! it's not Minitrix, it's Peco Code 55. It's not possible to connect a servo to a Minitrix switch. Minitrix is prepared just for their solenoid motors. I also used Minitrix for the hidden station (both tracks and solenoid motors), but then I tried PECO and now I'm in love with it!!
    Realistic tracks, simple and reliable design, and you can drive them with servos (from any brand) or solenoid motors also hidden under table.

  3. Thank you Dani! I hear a lot of positive comments about the Peco Code 55! They look great too!