Friday, October 5, 2012

Connection Bus

For those having Intellibox as the heart of the installation, I'll show you how to adapt Giling modules to your Loconet BUS. I started using Uhlenbrock modules, but due to its price and lack of functionality (mostly in servo modules), I decided to change to Giling Loconet modules.

If you already have Uhlenbrock modules (or other Loconet modules), is possible to add GCA50 as any other loconet compatible module. That's how I started:

You can see GCA50 is just "half" loconet module. It's an interface between Loconet BUS and any other interface module. Instead of investing in electronics in each module giving them a Loconet connection, you plug a GCA50 and combine 2 interface modules as you need: reversing loop module, switches or lighting module, servo management, weel counting....

And the final schema I'll have in my installation is the following:

Intellibox has not enough power to drive more than 5 GCA50 (in my experience), and the solution is to add a GCA101 Ethernet interface + 3Amp power source. And your layout will be connected to the net and you'll be able to drive it from any device connected to it.

Short post, but self explaining hopefully!!! Cheers,

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