Monday, February 4, 2013

Masadas square flea market

Yesterday I went for the first time to a hobby dedicated flea market in Barcelona. It's done the first Sunday every month in Masadas square:

I always thought it was more focused on slot cars and other hobbies than trains and railroad models, but a friend convinced me to go and I have to admit I was fully wrong. I think from now on I'll be a devote of this event and will check in every month!!!

First of all the place is really nice, in a pedestrian zone close to the rails and all the new works of the high speed line.

And I got really surprised with the number of stands and different material you can find. It's almost impossible to move along the sides of the square from 11 a.m., and the center of the market is also occupied by more stands.

Despite it's a general hobby market, I would say 60 or 70% is train related. The rest is about slot cars, and just a few selling general tools and doll houses and accessories. 

Here is very appreciated (and expensive) all rolling stock from Ibertren, an ancient Spanish brand, and railroad modelers search mainly RENFE stock. That's why Kato has a good entrance in this market doing products like the RENFE 251 locomotive (, and also because of this is possible to find other Kato models like the shinkansen 800 Tsubame (6 car set) I saw at a good price of 135€ (

Just one stand had Tomix and Tomitec material, and here I bought a Kobe truck with container for 10€. Not really a good price, but adding shipping is less than acquiring it through internet, and you cannot leave a market like this with your hands empty!!!!

Definitely I'll visit Masadas next month!!!


  1. What an AWESOME flea market! Wow, am I jealous! Thanks for sharing that!

  2. It would be nice to do a JNSF meeting in Barcelona... :P