Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tomytec Station A

I needed a small rural station for my layout, and decided to buy Tomytec Station A.

It's a nice kit already painted and weathered, nice detailed. There is no need of glue to mount.

All pieces assemble perfectly. I just used glue to fix better fences and small details.

For lighting, I took my fantastic Chinese book of SMD led and resistors that I bought in ebay for no more of 30€. There are thousands of resistors of all values and also a great range of capacitors. Leds are from LedBaron, also in Ebay. It's a bundle of sunny, golden and super golden white leds, plus some red and two-tone red/green.   

I also have special brass strips to mount led and resistor. These strips are really handy and you can bend them to fix it in any position.

After measuring the needed length of the strip, I made a small cut to place the resistor on it.

With a very thin tin wire prepare the place for SMD components:

About SMD leds, they seem very hard to solder because they are really small. But the only difficult thing is not to loose them. I always need more than planned because one of them falls in the floor or gets lost under the junk of my table. Under the SMD led there is always an arrow, it shows the polarity:

And finally that's the mounted led strip:

And the final results in the Tomytec Station A:

I'll add some aluminium foil next to the lights because is's too visible through the walls, but nothing else to add. A nice and easy kit.

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