Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Lleida Expotren 2016" Train fair held in Lleida

This weekend is being held in Lleida one of the biggest train fairs of Spain, named Lleida ExpoTren ( Modular layouts of all scales are exhibited, and also real trains restored thanks to the ARMF, an association dedicated to restore historical rolling stock and put it in service again.

When I arrived I first visited ARMF garage where is possible to have a ride on a RENFE 1003 and on a MZA 602, a former railway company from Spain prior to RENFE.

This association is working also in the restoration of other rolling stock, it must be really hard as they dismount completely the locomotive, sand it, change panels, paint, make new electrical installation, ... really a huge work:

Here you can see a common utility in all Spanish steam locomotives, the "botijo" holder. "Botijo" is how we name a clay water can, that keeps the water fresh all the time even in the hottest summer:

There I met some of the hobby colleagues from Barcelona, they are really funny and generous people, it's a pleasure to know them and enjoy their friendship. Just a pity not all the club members were there:

Here just a view of the old railway installations in Lleida, next to the ARMF garages:

After a good lunch of the typical "cargols a la llauna amb all-i-oli" from Lleida, was time to enter to the huge exhibit of rail-road models.

First of all I met Francesc, one of the promoters of T-Track systems in Spain:

That was the zone of the big scales, the funniest for all kids (and not so young people also...):

Then I took a look to the H0 layout, some modules where really beautiful and had lot of detail:

There was also an impressive diorama of Stalingrad, one of the coolest I've ever seen:

My friend Emili J. Sanmartin has an stand there showing his incredible models:

Finally, I spent the rest of the time admiring the N modules:

And that's the end of my review. A really enjoyable day where I met old colleges and new ones. I hope to see you all soon again.


  1. Buenas fotos Dani, el nuevo formato del blog me gusta mas que el anterior es mas ameno a la vista y se hace mas cómodo de leer.
    Agradezco el boton de traducir a otro idioma, aunque la traducción tiene algún fallo por lo menos ya puedo leer tus artículos y podre criticarlos.
    Gran Blog, continua así.

  2. Lo que veo que falla un monton es en los comentarios, pone palabras que yo no he puesto y mezcla mayusculas y minusculas sin motivo.

  3. Buenas fotos y gracias por ellas. Fue muy agradable el encuentro.

  4. Gracias a vosotros!!! En la siguiente feria nos volvemos a ver. ;)

  5. Gracias a vosotros!!! En la siguiente feria nos volvemos a ver. ;)