Friday, April 1, 2016

New high quality 3D printing models from Ferro3D

A new railway model accessories shop is born in Spain. It's name is Ferro3D. I know the owner, Pedro, from many time ago. He is a passionate of railways and his personal works in his layout always stunned me.

I wanted many time ago to acquire a 3D printer to make my particular models and accessories like stone lamps, shinto gates, guts, pipes, .... possibilities are infinite. I was looking some of the cheap and common models like RepRap, Prusa or Kossel. But soon I realized it's not possible to have even a medium quality with this kind of printers and I would have to spend thousands of euros to have the desired quality.

Ferro3D is printing with those high quality and professional printers and can give even in N scale the best quality and precision.

First models to come to light have been buffers for N and HO scale, with many finishes and options. Take a look to the first one, with the concrete formwork finish:

I'm sure Ferro3D will have a great success with all models and accessories in which Pedro is working. His passion and eager to obtain perfect and realistic models for sure assure his company a long life. Keep an eye to the news of this page, I had to chance to look at some impressive models that will be launched soon.....

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