Friday, June 6, 2014

BluRay "Decoder" install

I suppose many of you also like Japanese films and Anime. Manga and Anime is really part of the Japanese culture. That's why you can see many Japanese trains decorated with anime motifs, like the "Mangattan Linner" or the newer Evangelion train. In my last trip to Japan I rode the "Tomas the tank" train.

But that wasn't to talk about "Manga" trains, it was about watching Japanese DVD and Blurays. Until now I was able to see any Japanese DVD because despite there is a region protection, Japanese and Europe shared the same. But recently I bought a Japanese BlueRay, and realized they changed the region protection zones established for DVDs, and it's not possible to see a Japanese Bluray in a non-japanese player.

Solution: hack the Bluray player installing a chip inside, what doesn't differ too much from installing a decoder in an analog locomotive!! I found RattleByte sells this kind of mod-chips for my Sony BDP-S100 player (a really cheap one). It comes the chip, thin wire, double sided tape and the instruction manual with a clear photo indicating the soldering points:

In my model it needs to solder only 6 wires:

Just two of them are complicated, one because it has to be soldered to a really tinny resistor, and the other because the access to the soldering point is not easy and the main board must be unattached.

The other 4 wires are soldered to existing tin pads.

And now my Bluray player can play DVD and Bluray from any region without problems. I hope you enjoyed it!!!

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