Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Todo Tren 2018

This year we repeated the experience of organizing a train fair in the contemporary art museum Würth Museum La Rioja.

Four clubs participated in this edition:  AndeN 5, la Asociación de Amigos del Ferrocarril de La Rioja, CMFCB64, Club N Zaragoza (NZGZ) and ourselves, Club N Caldes.

For Club N Caldes was time to show new modules, doubling the length of our layout since our last exhibition. We had the Tôno Station (a 5 tracks station more than 2 meters long), the Yamadera module, the Trees Plantation and Sawmill, and a new curve. As in previous events, the organization and module disposition was carefully planned according to the museum instructions:

We all started mounting our layouts on Friday 29th, it was a hard work until darkness of night. But that allowed us to see our layouts illuminated, what is not possible during daily public exhibition:

And finally, time for the show!!! During Saturday all day and Sunday morning more than 2.000 people came to see our modules. There were plenty of children looking amazed our trains running and wishing to have one at home, we hope we inspired new hobbyists.

Being able to show our modules in the Wurth Museum is completely different from any other train fair. This is the only time I see the complete layout illuminated with natural light as the museum is a diaphanous space with glass walls to the exterior and the ceiling. Normally all exhibitions are held in closed buildings, and the rest of the year I have my modules in the garage.

You can see all the videos of our trains running in our youtube channel, here there are just some samples:

Finally, THANKS SO MUCH to all visitors who enjoyed the event, all the clubs who did the personal and financial effort to come (none of us are neither sponsored nor financed by any brand or company) and to the Würth Museum and the Würth company itself for helping and collaborating in the organization of this event. It wouldn't be possible without the help of any of them.


  1. Los miembros del clubNcaldes, queremos agradecer a Dani Guisado todo el esfuerzo y dedicación que emplea en servir al club y ayudar a sus compañeros en todo lo que haga falta, de forma desinteresada.
    Sin ti esto no sería posible.

    Tus compañeros

  2. Pasados unos días se "mastica" mejor la experiencia vivida en el museo durante todo el fin de semana. Dar (en mi nombre y en nombre de Andén5) las gracias a todos los que habéis hecho posible el evento; desde el museo Wurth con todo su personal, a Dani por tus desvelos constantes y a todos los compañeros de asociaciones y grupos que lo compartimos por hacernos pasar un fin de semana completo, divertido, intenso.
    Un abrazo

  3. Gracias a todos vosotros que lo hacéis posible!! Que lo disfrutarais es lo mas importante.

  4. Muchas gracias por realizar el encuentro y por ser una experiencia inolvidable.
    Ojalá pueda la siguiente vez.

  5. Vuelvo a repasar las fotos, los vídeos, los comentarios del encuentro y le saco más jugo. Todo lo positivo que vivimos en ese fin de semana nos espolea a mejorar los módulos que llevamos y a preparar nuevo material para una próxima edición; cuando pueda ser posible.
    José Iglesias, Andén5